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Executive Outcomes is a South African based PMC with a reputation for having hardcore Reccondo teams that are battle tested in the brutal campaigns of the Angolan Civil War as well as the Sierra Leone blood diamond conflict. Their shady involvement in brutal campaigns means that moralfag flights need not apply.

Theaters of OperationEdit

Being one of the more established PMCs in the world, Executive Outcomes has an impressive range of operations across the globe.

Currently, they are present in all active campaigns in Yemen, Oceania, Vietnam, and Congo.


United States Not Available
Europe Available+20% to base cost
Russia/CIS Available -5% to base cost
Other Available
Mandatory Ops No
Vetting No
Failure Penalty No
Max Tech Level 6
Signing Bonus 2500
Monthly Pay 500
Kill Bonus 10%
Incidental Penalty Lax
Buyout 3000

Special -SAM KillersEdit

EO's effective Reccondo teams are well known across the world. These hardned veterans will assist you during every mission by eliminating a single SAM site at the beggining of the mission, free of charge.





CO- "Bear"


"Holy shit she can throw that far one handed." The Californian exclaims in between handfuls of popcorn.

"Ok now they are starting to break shit. I'm calling the Bear." replies the British voice.

"Dude. Why, that guy is a dick, who I seriously think eats babies and we have our own sec.."

"Look our own experts insist that there is a 50% chance that baby eating photo was a elaborate photoshop. Besides this will be funny and we are now a flight down for the airshow, we have a program to fill out. That and it will finally get him off our backs."'- Conversation on how to solve a barfight between WKC Int's owners, 2015.

Little is know about the Bear other than he is utterly ruthless, hates pilots, girlymen, has a 'wife' and seven daughters.

And he may or may not eat babies.


CO- John Petersen

A former Gulf War SCUD hunting vet. Represents all that EO stands for: Rugged, proffesional brutality. Can easily fly off the handle for simple trangessions such smoking in his presence, complaining about the state of camp or not doing your job properly.


A gruff former Australian SAS member who signed up for EO to hunt SAMs. Mostly aloof to everyone around him and knows how to tiptoe around his CO's fragile temper.

Current FlightsEdit