Sukhoi Su-17 'Fitter'Edit

The Sukhoi Su-17 is a Soviet attack aircraft developed from the Sukhoi Su-7 fighter-bomber.

Sukhoi Su-17 'Fitter-C'Edit


First major production version, introduced Lyulka AL-21F-3 engine, twin pitot tubes, new navigation and attack computer (retaining Su-7BMK's SRD-5M ranging radar), angle of attack vane, single brake parachute. Variable-position intake centerbody providing maximum speed of Mach 2.1. First flight 28 December 1971 with V. S. Soloviev at the controls. The export version was designated Su-20, first flying 15 December 1972 with A. N. Isakov at the controls. Manufactured 1972-1975, entered service in 1973. Exported to Egypt, Poland, and Syria.

Sukhoi Su-17 'Fitter-D'Edit

Su17 02

Nose extended 38 cm (15 in), deleting ranging radar and 'drooping' to improve pilot visibility. Fon-1400 laser rangefinder/marked-target seeker (LRMTS). ASP-17 and PBK-3-17s aiming avionics. RSBN-6S short-range navigation and instrument landing system. Undernose fairing for DISS-7 Doppler navigation radar. First flight 20 December 1973 with V. S. Ilyushin at the controls. Manufactured 1974-1977, entered service in 1975.

In Firestorm, while the price is a little daunting the flexibility of the aircraft allows early-middle game Russian AtG performance without sacrificing speed. Buyers of this plane will happily note the noticeably increased AtA capabilities of the Fitter compared to those of the similarly priced F-4E at the cost of a very slight decrease in range/damage and speed.

  • Tech Level: 5
  • Damage Base: 18
  • Min./Max. Airspeed: 3/25
  • Maneuver (Loaded): 3 (4)
  • Aerobatic (Loaded): 0 (-1)
  • Defence (Loaded): 15 (13)
  • Climb Rate (Loaded): 2 (1)
  • Shallow/Steep/Power/Vertical Dives: 2/4/6/7
  • Operational Ceiling: 12
  • Stores External/Pylon/Internal: 6/0/0
  • Guns: 1 x 23mmm (2 Barrel)
  • Cost: 900
  • Maintenance Cost: 90

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