The Weapons of FirestormEdit


F-4 Phantom II demonstrates an awesome bomb load.

The weapon selection in Firestorm is quite diverse and covers the entire real world armory of Infrared seeking and Semi-Active/Active Homing Air-to-Air Missiles Unguided and Gudied Air-to-Ground Munitions, Rocket Pods, ECM Pods, Gun Pods, Cluster Bombs, Napalm. Everything for your collateral damage enjoyment. Here they are broken down into sections as follows:

Air-to-Air MunitionsEdit

Air-To Ground MunitionsEdit

Aircraft UpgradesEdit

Also available are upgrades that can help modernize or increase performance in older airframes.


Mission AssetsEdit

Mission assets aid in increasing your intelligence of surrounding area, putting CSAR on call, or even having real-time imagery and control, possibly assited by AWACS. Or even SEAD/Ground strikes to soften your target up first. Asset cost varies by the escalation of the conflict the mercenaries are involved in.